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Ama Nazra - Full Circle

Each time I rewrite my Sacred Gates sites I have to review the question

"Who do you become?"

This is the question the angels asked me a very long time ago. It was eighteen years a few days ago. Eighteen years of working around the world, in person and from my computer chair, through letters, emails, phone calls and face to face visits with people, some of whom came to me, and some I went to. Two complete cycles, if you know numerology. And so, in this nineteenth year I begin again - much to the amusement of my friends, who know I never really left, although I tried to have a more ordinary life, to fill in the gaps with busy activities, but, as usual, the new beginnings ended either suddenly or quickly, because the paths were wrong, and I knew it. And I still had one foot in the metaphysical pond - because you can't run from your heart, or your calling.

Eighteen years ago the Michael angels collected me, reminded me of who I am and why I chose to be born into this lifetime, and in that moment made my whole life, all my experiences and gifts, make perfect sense. Clarity! The Aha! moment that so many people crave.

The question then arises "am I any wiser for being older"? A friend told me that I am softer. That has to be good, given that I had felt so hard before I decided to take this long slow break away from 'it all'.

If I had to tell you something of myself as an introduction, I would tell you that I am fifty-three years old, or maybe young, happily married for the second time, with grown children from the first time, both of whom live very far away (or I live very far from them .. it's all a matter of their perspective).

I would tell you that I am a Servant of the Greater Good, which doesn't make me a good servant, but one that recognises, and looks for, the good in others, and always will, regardless of others' behaviour, living or dead.

I would tell you that one of my great loves is helping people with paranormal problems, and that I do this because I can, and because it satisfies that part of self that wants to do good for others - not for the sake of recognition, but for the sake of peace, theirs and for whatever entity is haunting them.

I would tell you that I volunteer my time, and with a group of others, have created a Not-for-profit Association working to bring more attention to the much neglected region in which we live. I also love patchwork and creating websites. Writing stories, blogs and - anything really. I love teaching, talking to people, seeing the smiles, knowing that, even if only for a moment, someone else has found the peace I too seek, the healing that comes from freedom, and a feeling of being safe.

I am a Christian Theologian, something I knew I would become when I was a small child. It took me forty-four years to defy my parents and go and do the study, but I don't regret the delay, or the doing, for my love of God, and my fascination with the Bible, is an intrinsic part of my nature, but then I also love the Koran, the Torah, the teachings of Buddha, the Tao, and other books of ancient wisdom which inhabit my bookcases, alongside books on demonology, spiritual warfare, and just plain fact and fiction.

I am also a Metaphysicist .. a psychiatrist once corrected my wording .. I study Metaphysics - the way of the energy of Spirit that has come so much closer to the ordinary in the past 18 years, so that now most people can 'touch' what was once untouchable, and 'see' what used not be seen, except by a variety of odd souls like me, who always could.

If I had to say I had an addiction, I have two .. books and dark chocolate. And living without cats is difficult.

Who then is Ama Nazra? I am changed from the child who began the journey with ghosts and demons when she was two. I am changed by marriage and motherhood, by collection by angels, by personal challenges, both wonderful and devastating, that all of us experience. In all of those, one knowing holds most true "We are profoundly Loved". In the end I am a happy soul, walking the path of the Spiritual Warrior, and enjoying the journey. A new challenge beckons, so here we go again ..
The Creator created the angels and humanity to manifest the wonder and glory of its creations. I am part of that Creation.
So are You. "Who do you become?"

Be the changes you want to see in the world.
M. Ghandi
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