Psychic Protection 2

Continuing our discussion of psychic Protection, I would like to take a moment to talk about our human body.

The Physical Body

The physical body is the vehicle for the spiritual energy being that is each person's true Self. Being inside the human body offers no protection from astral entities, just as the body can get ill, so the Spirit can be affected by outside energies, and our thoughts and feelings. If you are not cautious with what you feed yourself, ingest, inject and think, you can alter your 'energy body' in such a way as to create small and large holes in your aura.

The aura is the energy field of the body, created by, and containing, the chakras which anchor into the physical body. The chakras control the flow of vital force (called Chi, Prana, Ki and many other names) that keeps us all happy, healthy and well balanced. Having a hole in your aura means that not only can your life-giving energy escape, but that astral energy forms can make their way 'inside'. The effects of such negative energy in the aura, and often piercing the body, can be dramatic and disruptive. In the short term it can make you feel very sick*, in the long term the influence of the energy can create illnesses that might be terminal or symptoms similar to schizophrenia. (*Different Sorts of Demons in Demonology)

Let me give you some examples

The first attachment I ever experienced I recognised as 'Despair'. That was afterwards. At the time I went from feeling peaceful and happy to wishing I was dead, in a matter of moments - feeling helpless, lost and abandoned. It came out of an envelope at the post office. I never found out how it got in the envelope, or who sent me the letter it was attached to. I just ran for help - to the only person I could think of - my local Anglican Minister. He prayed over me. It was the first time I ever heard part of the exorcism ceremony, but not the last.

There is much written these days about the power of prayer. Prayer, and the faith of those praying, fills the receiver with Healing Light which loosens the hold of any negative energy form because it either cannot tolerate the frequency of the energy, or gets so well fed it falls off, as a leach does when it is filled from feeding.

The second entity that attached to me a few years later was identified as Discord. With that one I could not stand up straight without my head spinning. My ears were filled with a tremendous and horrible noise. I felt completely out of balance, sick to the stomach and helpless in many other ways. My whole energy-body was revving frantically. I cleared that entity myself, through hard work and with the help of my guides, because I did not understand, then. Both those experiences taught me a lot about how easy it is to disrupt human energy patterns.

But attachments come in all different sizes and shapes. The larger they become the more their 'intelligence' grows. They learn to seek out what makes them feel good, and to deliberately encourage the growth of their particular emotional need in the humans they become part of.

If they continue to grow they begin to emulate the shape of the person they are feeding off. They develop a human form, but not perfectly so. One entity I saw at this stage was without eyes - which was to my advantage at the time because it couldn't 'see' me. But it could see the human it was feeding from as she lay in the back of the ambulance that was taking her to hospital. One friend I told of this event said she thought it might have been waiting for the person to die so that it could collect her soul? That might not be so far fetched as we would like to believe - it is part of the myths of humanity. And myths are often based on reality.

But let us go back to the smaller entities

There is a simple cure for the problem of small attachments. The energy form has to be removed and then the auric field of the person healed, sealed and energised. This takes a little time, and the effects are felt very quickly. Without the constant unbalancing the human body is very good at healing itself, and the healer helps this pattern.

Entities at the smaller level will often hide somewhere in the outer energy of the human. Larger ones will detach and remove themselves for a while, but leave a subtle etheric cord fixed into the auric field somewhere so they can slip back in through the link. You can mistake it for a past life pattern or other similar energy signatures. You have to make sure that the whole energy field is clear or you will have the person returning to you with the same problems very rapidly.

These entities can look like man-of-war jellyfish, using tendrils to connect through solar plexus chakra to begin with, and rapidly spreading through the other chakras. When they get to throat, brow and crown the person may experience memories of events not connected to them, and hear voices. Once the entity is removed the voices go away. (They do tend to connect through the lower chakras first because the energy is at a lower frequency and easier for them to 'digest'.)

A word of caution

I want to take a moment to talk about transference, which I'm sure you all know means picking up something from your clients - whether its their emotions through empathy or interactive healing, or their opinions or feelings from the same actions. Where attachments are concerned you can also collect them from the person through contact, and also during distance healing. When you make an energy link to your client you give them a bridge to climb on - straight to you.

If you decide to do this sort of work you Must be protected at all times. And white light, invocations and blessings are not enough. That is where we decided to ask for help, and guidance provided the rainbow.

Is the rainbow God's gift to humanity? The legend is that it signalled that there would be no more rain. Water has often been used to symbolise emotions. So the rainbow could be looked at as a tool to stop the movement of emotions from one source to another. It certainly acts that way where the disconnection of negative energy forms is concerned. To use it first create a white light shield. I suggest an egg shape to people because it's something that most people have seen, and even blind healers can imagine it through touch.

You visualise an egg, make it larger than the auric field of your body, put a door on one side and step into it and close the door. The entrance vanishes and you are completely sealed within.

In situations of great discomfort visualising a mirror on the outside, reflecting into the Earth, rather than back at any problem people is helpful. If you reflect negative energy back at the sender you only increase the problem - the output of negativity that the sender is directing towards you. When you send it into the Earth the Mother transmutes it into healing, which benefits everyone.

When providing healing for people with small attachments first do your usual shielding, and then creating a moving stream of rainbow energy that continuously wraps around the outside of the egg-shaped shield. The different frequencies produced by the colours of the rainbow disrupt the energy lines of the entities and decreases the frequency of attachment.

It is not a perfect deterrent, and the healer still has to remember to clear their energy after the treatment, but it does work in many and varied difficult situations.

Larger problems

Where clearing of larger attachments is concerned, if you are not sure you can help the situation, you can't. Trust your instincts in this case, and recommend the person to someone who can. Do not put yourself in jeopardy.

The clearest symptoms of this form of attachment are often a complete change in personality of the person, a happy person turning into a miserable or frightened one, and/or a general sense of unwellness that does not seem to be able to be shifted by conventional medicine, or many forms of alternative therapies. The healing of these symptoms begins with removal of the energy form - the restoring of the balance just takes a little longer. If the entity is a human-in-spirit they are sent into Healing, and if they are not they are returned to atoms.

And all of this because we sometimes have our auras out of balance, or have holes in them, or worse, we are gifted these negative energy forms by other people, in their anger. That should make you stop and think about what you do with your negative emotions.

Responsible emotional reactions ..

Now, no one is saying we do not have the right to get angry, or frustrated etc. They are part of the human emotions, but it helps if we do not let these emotions remain within us, building up, but address them, understand why we are feeling that way, and release them as small bubbles, easily defeated by our choice to live in Love and Light.

Clearing the aura of this sort of energy, and repairing small holes is very easy. You do it by combing. Imagine that your fingers are a comb and run them up and down your body, from the top of your head to underneath your feet. You 'swirl' the energy of the aura with these simple actions, and the auras repairs itself. Being happy, healthy individuals it's a simple process to restore your own balance, but if you are still feeling uncomfortable, consulting a healer, or doctor, is very wise. It is not healthy to stay in a state of imbalance at any time.

After clearing your aura imagine that you are coating it in white light. Or step inside an egg shape that goes over your head and under your feet. This simple form of protection strengthens the outer edge of your aura and helps keep astral nasties outside.

Why do I want to practice psychic protection?

Think about it - we practice other kinds of protection all the time, why not psychic energy?

The world is made of energy. Although the table I am using is solid to my touch, in fact it is made of dense and slow moving particles, so tiny that, with these very human eyes, I cannot see them, but with a powerful microscope - and we create more and more powerful toys like this everyday - the particles that make the table would become real to me, if I needed to 'see' to believe. Being dense, the table hurts my leg when I bang into it. And other energies can do the same when you bang into them; or them into you.

Humans create energy - the small bubbles of emotions that we call thoughtforms. Those thought forms are either positive or negative in their bias, and all of them are magnetic. Some of them develop a low level intelligence that makes them - not humanly conscious - but aware enough to know that they like what they are, and wish to stay that way. It is those simple energy forms that can create changes in mood, and physical health, of a person that they 'attach' to - that's when we call them attachments. Gather a large amount of this energy and suddenly you have a problem.

Cleaning your aura helps to dislodge these little energy forms. It can be as simple as standing under the shower and imagining that the water is flowing 'through' you, as well as over you. You see - energy follows thought. The Buddha, whom most people believe wise, said, "With our thoughts we create the world". Yes, you have heard that little statement many times from me. With our thoughts we create these energy forms, and with our thoughts, our will, our Intent, we clear them off.

When you become ill, when you use drugs of any kind, you change the structure of the energy in your aura, it thins. Think of the aura as a net around you, very tightly woven, it protects you from flying 'debris'. When this net around you develops a wider weave, it is not so protective, small things can slip through .. and then invite others to join them. You can become like a human smorgasbord, carrying with you many different types of attachments that are enjoying the benefit of the energy you should be accessing for yourself. Deciding to clean your energy is a quick and practical means of returning yourself to 'balance', because your body, and energy fields, are out of balance while you wear these attachments. Spending a few minutes each day cleaning your aura, as in under the shower, and combing your energy field will provide you with more and better balanced energy. And if your moods swing wildly, seeking healing of some kind is very wise.

Now I have been just talking about little problems, the larger version can create pure havoc. The two attachments I described in the last newsletter made me very ill, and it took time, months, to bring my energy back into balance, because I didn't know any healers then.

These little astral nasties are nothing in comparison to what humans will do to each other. When we are angry we often lose our sense of perspective and wish, on others, things that we would never wish on ourselves. Energy follows thought. So if we think angry, hate-filled, thoughts about someone who has harmed us, or about ourselves, we are creating the energy that becomes these nasties.

Spirit speaks of Loving one another as they love us. When we learn compassion, and unconditional love we no longer create these negative energies. That is what we are all working towards, having superb control over our thought patterns, our energy and our understandings of what makes us who we are in this lifetime. That control is not a tight reign, it is simply having a loving heart, being gentle under all circumstances and Trusting that we know what to do in all situations. It is often amazing how well things work out in yourlife when you react first from your loving heart, rather than from your anger or fear.

Psychic protection is simple and easy to do. The white light shield, in whatever form you create it - a column of light coming down over you, wrapping yourself in white bandages, mummy-like, creating the egg and stepping into it, and other ways - is the first line of defence against floating negativity. It protects you in all circumstances, from noisy supermarkets to confrontations on a one-to-one basis. It helps you maintain your 'cool' when others seem to be losing theirs. Although you might not be able to feel or see it, it exists because energy follows thought and you create it from your choice to do so.

Learning to create the shields is the first step into protecting yourself. Soon the challenge becomes being kind in your words, learning not to create the negative forms that can do so much harm, and also not creating the patterns that create pain, such as curses. We've all heard about the troubles that were created by energies such as Tutankamun's Curse. When Carter and his team opened the sealed doorway they brought down an energy template (or pattern) on themselves that may have contributed to the deaths of most of the members. Whether you believe in the truth of this, as many of them didn't, the energy was still in the field of their bodies. Curses can be laid, by choice, and by accident. The energy pattern requires removal, and can flow from generation to generation down a family line, affecting all the members, or it can affect just one person in each generation. This is a human- created negative energy form.

Psychic protection becomes logical as you grow closer to the energy and strength of your spiritual self. As each person discovers that there is more to life than their physical body, they begin to learn about their spiritual 'self' through experiences designed to teach them their limitations and encourage them to step out of those beliefs and into the new 'age'of man. With this raising of our vibrations, communication with our guides and guardian becomes easier, but we also become vulnerable to the energy of the darker sides of our nature, created by us since man was first created by Spirit. It is in learning to defeat these beings we have created that man becomes his, and her, true self - strong, wise, brave and balanced - the true Creators of our own reality.

And it all begins with a simple belief in a little White Light Protection.

Another word of caution ...

A malevolent spirit is not a guide. Guides come to you through Love, not any other emotion.

What you can do is claim authority over your home to protect it. You do this by saying something like - "In the name of Jesus Christ I claim authority of my home and everyone who lives within it, also over all my relatives and pets and anything else that is of importance to me. In His name I bind any malevolent spirits that might reside in this premises and send them to the feet of Jesus for healing." .. or whatever comes to your mind as the right words. Just make sure you include 'in the name of Jesus Christ' in your invocation. That will clear the energy of any negative entity. The good guides stay around.

The symbol of the cross is recognised by all negative energy forms, for your belief in its power, rather than the symbol itself. When we truly believe in the rescue (redemption) the cross provided it acts as a ward. But Spirit teaches me to use no tools that can be knocked from my hand (or torn from my neck etc). The faith in our protection, by God and the Michael angels, comes from within us, from our spiritual self. It is that strength that helps protect you, not anything made of metal etc.

If you have any questions you can contact me here - Ama Nazra

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